About Us

Kishore scientific technologies are established in the year 2018 have its registered headquarters in Chickballapur. It is an Indian firm that is specialized in producing advanced conductive coating, TCOs, Nanotechnology, Environmental solutions, Solar Energy products, thin films and optics. KST is a supplier of inductively coupled RF- Plasma Sources for advanced thin film coatings and surface treatments. We serve and support system manufacturers and research institutes as also End-user i.e. in optics, solar, wear and decorative, glass and R&D markets. Our fields of application: PECVD of silicon, carbon, oxides and nitrides i.e. absorber and passivation layer, optical filter and hard and protective as high decorative coating and barrier layer.

Our Mission

KST aims to grow at a steady and strong pace. A primary commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent standards of service ensures a stable base for the company’s growth.

Our Plan

Our goal is to become a prime provider of advanced technology solutions and innovative consulting services.

Our Vision

KST bases its prosperous future on the growth rate of its clients. Building the best product, with least risks, and introducing genuinely innovative solutions into the industry is our prime vision.


Coating section

a. Optical Filters
b. Optical Mirrors
c. DLC coating
d. Display glass
e. Beam splitter
f. Transparent conductive ITO coatings
g. FTO coatings
h. Antireflection coatings
i. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings
j. Broadband IR reflection coating
k. Laser crystals alexandrite
l. Organized film deposition
m. EMI shielding coatings
n. Black absorber coating
o. UV coating
p. Protective coatings
q. Hard coatings
r. Precious metal coatings

Technologies used

a.Chemical Vapour Deposition (LPCVD,PECVD,HPCVD)
b.Physical Vapour Deposition (Sputtering{DC/RF}
c.Thermal evaporation) ,Thermal Spray coating

Equipment section

a. COPRA Round Sources: Wafer processing up to 12“ substrates Plasma Assist in PVD Coaters Plasma Activation and Cleaning ALD enhancement.
b. COPRA Linear Sources: Roll-To-Roll „Web“ Processing Dynamic PECVD on Flexible Substrates PVD Assist and PECVD in Batch Processing.
c. COPRA Ring Sources: Flat Panel PECVD up to Generation 5 Dynamic PECVD on Large Substrates PVD Assist and PECVD in Batch Processing.
d. COPRA Built In Sources: E-Gun Assist „Web“ Processing Direct DLC in optics (Inside chamber mounting) .
e. COPRA Plasma Systems: InLine or Batch PECVD coaters for metaloxide/nitride functional coatings.
f. Faraday Cup: Faraday Cup CEA 4 Measurement Systems.


1. PECVD: COPRA PECVD the highly efficient deposition method where the plasma is cracking the molecules and chemical reactions occur to form the layer.
2. PVD Assist: COPRA PVD-Assist Solutions for your existing sputter or E-Gun Coater.
3. Etching: COPRA specific Etching solutions for Chemical Reactive Ion Etching as well as physical Etching.
4. Cleaning: COPRA high efficient and fast surface Cleaning without damaging.

R & D

COPRA PECVD - Highest throughput performance of excellent quality films coupled with maintenance poor operation and lowest energy footprints are so we believe the key factors for the future PECVD applications. COPRA PECVD plasma sources are RF-ICP coupled high plasma density sources enabling great control over the directionality of the ions also at lower pressure ranges for a wide range of PECVD applications. The COPRA Plasma Sources for PECVD markets and applications are scalable for large area applications and due to their high compatibility with corrosive gases suitable for countless applications.

    Current Process recipies
  • SiO2, Si3N4 Barrier Layers
  • Amorphous and crystalline silicon absorber layer
  • DLC hard & decorative colour coating
  • atomic oxygen/nitrogen surface activation
  • chemical etching also on larger substrates
Available process gases: - SiH4 - NH3 - NF3 - H2 - Ar, N2, O2

Our Clients

Our Team

Research and Development (R & D) is the backbone of KST’s growth. The company has carved out a prestigious position for its products with a strong, multi – disciplinary in-house R & D team which not only innovates but also undertakes technology development for competitive commercial production.


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Plot no:130,Basavanagudi Road, Chickballapur, Karnataka - 562101

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+91 9148052207